Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Mom!

God blessed me with a most spectacular Mom and today I get to celebrate her birthday.  It is no secret that I’ve always loved my Mommy — I had a hard time being separated from her when I was young.  It took bribes to get me to stay with a sitter (I remember a My Little Pony, in particular) and much convincing to go to school (although many tummy-aches required her to pick me up to come back home…sorry Mom!).  Through it all, she provided many hugs, many laughs, a listening ear, and lots of encouragement. 

Here are some reasons my Mom is special:

  • She’s a Christian woman who taught her children (and teaches her grandchildren) about Jesus.
  • She beat breast cancer (5 years cancer-free!)
  • She loves dressing up and has an affinity for all things sparkly.  Especially gems.  Big ones.
  • She loves her daughters equally (or at least she pretends she does!).
  • She knows how to get to Muffin Pass, and she has sat by the Bones of the Dead Yellow Horse.
  • She’s a hard worker!  She has worked outside the home, inside the home, inside the neighbors home, in a greenhouse, in an office, in a store, in the yard, during the day, and in the evenings.
  • She danced with her daughters in the kitchen.
  • She loves my Dad and takes good care of him.
  • She’s a MacGyver Mom — she can sew, glue, tape, clean, or jimmy-rig almost anything!
  • She always puts family first.
  • While Pansy Moms would be afraid after their car fish-tailed on a gravel road for a quarter of a mile, my Mom screamed “Wuhoo!”
  • She is compassionate and always thinks of others first.
  • Each year, she plants beautiful flowers and grows a vegetable garden.  She follows it up by swearing she won’t plant so much the following year.
  • She taught me almost everything I know about cheese.
  • She has a servant heart and faithfully cares for her family and friends.
  • She brought me oatmeal in the tub so I could eat and get clean simultaneously in the first week after my firstborn arrived (don’t ask…those baby blues are the pits…).
  • She can and does successfully use a chainsaw.
  • She sent me many cards and letters throughout my college career “just because.”  I probably received mail from her most weeks.
  • She gets down on the floor and out in the yard to play with her grandkids.
  • She laughs until she cries.
  • She can always be convinced to order a pizza.
  • She’s perfect the way God made her.

Mom, I loved you then and I love you even more now that I am a mom and see how hard it must have been to balance all of your responsibilities.  I love you dearly.  Happy, happy birthday!

Isn’t She Lovely?


One thought on “Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Mom!

  1. Life is beautiful when God blesses one with a Savior, a wonderful husband, three beautiful (inside & out) daughters, three fantastic son-in-laws, 8 fabulous grandchildren, 6 here on earth to enjoy & 2 in heaven to hold when I get there! Love all of you more than I can express!! Deb

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