We’ve got Christmas in 3….2….1….

I was thrilled to be invited by my creative girlfriend Kate to participate in an Advent ornament exchange with 23 other ladies from my church.  Called A Meaningful Christmas, each woman creates 24 themed ornaments that correspond with their assigned devotion to be read on a particular day in December.  Then we met at a swap party to exchange ornaments with eachother, each coming home with 24 unique ornaments and a cute keepsake box for our family.  Kate and another friend Allison had seen the concept online in a variety of fashions, and took the initiative to purchase devotionals and get us organized.  And especially after our Swap Party last night, I am so incredibly glad they did.  I am beyond excited to share these gorgeous little ornaments with my sweet girls and I am grateful to the ladies that hand-crafted each one.  I pulled out each of the ornaments to share with Brandon as soon as I got home and wrote each lady’s name beside their day in the devotional.

Each day, we will read the appropriate devotion and hang the corresponding ornament on the Christmas tree.  Initially, I was going to wrap each ornament but we’ve decided instead to place them inside a snowman canister that we’ll hide around the house each day for Emory to find.  It will be our own “Elf on the Shelf”, which is a concept that I love…but more fitting for our home since we are not planning to introduce Santa (thus no need for a stray elf from the North Pole).  Brandon grew up with Santa and I did not, and each of us feels that Christmas is magical either way.  Our little Emory is very logical and tough to fool.  When we do something silly to surprise her, like placing one of her toys in a silly spot in the house, she quickly realizes that Mommy or Daddy did it.  So it almost seems awkward to begin talking about Santa, when we’ve been trying to teach her about Jesus.  So for now, that is the direction we’re headed.

But I digress…

I was assigned the devotion about Promises and was to make an ornament with a rainbow.  After searching high and low for a complete rainbow (when I was a kid, the world was COVERED in rainbows…where are they now???), I was forced chose to create one with strips of scrapbook paper, stick-on rhinestones, and lots and lots of modge podge.  (Modge Podge is my spiritual gift.)  After much cutting, glueing, and quite a few episodes of Duck Dynasty, I love how they turned out!  Other favorites are a meticulously pieced and glued wooden donkey, a felt sheep, a puffy paint grape vine, and my very favorite — an inverted solo cup with an elephant and giraffe inside (representing God’s creation).

Here is a link to pictures of the original ornament exchange: http://therealhousewife.com/blog/a-meaningful-christmas/

So, we’re off on our Meaningful Christmas adventure.  I’ll post another time to show our completed tree and share how it went.

The Crafters

The Crafters

Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake Boxes

Rainbow Ornaments

Rainbow Ornaments

Rainbow for God's Promises

Rainbow for God’s Promises

Our Ornament Delivery Vehicle

Our Ornament Delivery Vehicle


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