Becoming Sisters

Of course, they’ve been sisters since there were two of them…but it is precious for me to watch these two little girls interact and love on eachother more and more.  I should know…I have two older sisters so I know the joy it is to have those deep sibling friendships.  Meredith adores Emory.  She watches her every move and perks up when she hears her voice.  And that Emory is protective of her sister.  She runs for a burp cloth the second Meredith drools (and trust me…there is A LOT of drool) and gives a proper dirty look to anyone that suggests Meredith might come live with them because she’s too cute.  Emory says, “No.  She lives with me.”  They are connected and happy and I am so grateful that they have eachother.

20121210_6882 20121210_6875 20121210_6845 20121210_6840 20121210_6901


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