A Sweet Gift for Daddy


I hadn’t involved Sweet Emory very much in selecting her Daddy’s Christmas gift this year, so decided to give her a little chance to choose something of her own for him.  Judging from success I had letting her spend a dollar in Dollar Tree in the past, I thought this was just to place to turn her loose (kind of) and see what she selected.  To set the record straight, I want to point out that Brandon’s other gift is quite nice and that we didn’t get it at Dollar Tree.

So off we went on our mission.  She was excited about the prospect of choosing something for her beloved Daddy and I expertly steered her to the “household things” aisle.  I showed her a number of very useful items, such as a microfiber cloth to clean electronic devices (now is  probably a good time to point out that Emory often sneezes on her Daddy’s iPad).  “Look Emory!  This could clean Daddy’s iPad!”  “Look Emory, these are called bungees!  Daddies love to use bungees!”  “Look Emory!  This is a cloth to clean your car.  Daddies love to clean their cars!”  She buzzed right through the aisle with little interest, so I asked her if she would rather look for a treat for Daddy.  Yes!  Yes!  A treat for Daddy was what she wanted.

On our way to the treat aisle, she spotted an end cap of Fireside mini-marshmallows.  “Marshmallows!  I want these for Daddy!”  Certainly, this couldn’t be what she really would want.  But we needed some marshmallows at home (it IS hot chocolate season, after all), so I tossed them in the cart over the carseat containing snoozing Meredith.  I showed her a Mrs. Freshley’s peanut butter and chocolate wafer delicacy, a chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate bars, granola bars.  All kinds of things.  Each time, she told me she chose the marshmallows (the girl knows what she wants!!).  She began to get a little exasperated and it was clear we were going home with the marshmallows, so I gave in and we paid for the cute little guys.  On the drive home, I decided to buy a nice hot chocolate mix to pair them with.

Brandon met us in the garage when we got home to help carry things inside, and I carefully hid his gift in our mudroom.  That was obviously a waste of time, because as soon as Emory had removed and stored her shoes, she ran into the kitchen and said, “We got you marshmallows for Christmas!!!!”  Brandon looked perplexed but kept quiet as I whispered to her that maybe we should wait for Christmas.  Wait for the hot chocolate.  Wait until they were wrapped.  She insisted on giving them to him immediately.  I decided we had to do it up right, so I took her to the Gift Command Center (formerly known as Papa and Grandma’s Room, which is known to normal people as the Guest Room) to select a nice gift bag and tissue paper.  I explained to Brandon what he was receiving and she proudly handed him the festive and full bag.

He was thrilled and so was she.  It was perfect.  Best dollar we’ve spent in a long while.  And maybe we’ll still pick up that hot chocolate after all.


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