Everybody is Loaded


I find it surprising that Emory never took on a “lovey” or a “blanket” as a baby, given how she has turned out. Since the fateful day I let her pick out a tiny doggie at our local Hallmark store, it has been downhill. Our “friends” get carted all around the house, on trips, and all but two if the creatures pictured sleep in her bed.  I guess we’d better just get a larger bed.


Ponytail Girl


Emory is excited to have hair long enough for a ponytail. I am too…love her new look!

I’m a Lucky Mama

Emory wrapped her arms tight around my neck tonight, leaned to whisper a “secret” in my ear, and said, “I! Love! You!”  I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her too.  Then I said, “That’s so sweet, Emory.  Go tell Daddy.”  So she walked up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and whispered in his ear “I! Love! Mommy!”


Creativity Explosion

At our last Parents with Teachers house visit, our parent educator (Miss Janet) shared with me that two and a half is about the age kids start to get really imaginative and creative.  Emory has been “pretending” for months now, but was Miss Janet ever right…she is beginning to get more and more creative with her pretend scenarios. 

On a video call with my parents yesterday, she pretended a braided tie that wraps around her blanket was 1) a scarf keeping her warm, 2) a fishing pole, and 3) the wings of her “airplane” (stretched between her outstretched arms).  All of this with no prompting from anyone.

Later that afternoon, I listened via the monitor for most of Emory’s “nap” while she was chatting it up with the animals in her bed.  I decided to let her stay there and at least rest her body a little bit.  At one point, it started to sound like a bit of hopping was going on, so I went upstairs to investigate.  Her response to my question, “What are you doing, girl?” was “Driving the bus!”, and I looked behind her to find all of her stuffed animals lined up on the pillow!  She was, indeed, driving the bus!

This is a very fun time in our lives and I have a feeling it will continue!

Impromptu Art


Brandon surprised Emory by painting this as he was brushing a coat of primer onto the walls in our bedroom.  My surprise was a pretty rose on another wall.

Goodbye red!  Hello neutral tan, the favorite of buyers everywhere!

The Pink One Please




Here are a couple of pics from a donut run with my girl.  She chose the pink frosted raised, and then ate mostly the frosting.  I chose the cruller and ate the whole thing.  And a glazed chocolate cake donut.  But, really, who’s counting?

What We’re Not Doing

Posting to this blog is one of many things that hasn’t been happening around here while we’ve been busy preparing for and celebrating Christmas and the New Year! Other things we haven’t been doing include: making our bed, cooking proper meals, having boring days, ignoring our fun new Christmas gifts, and mopping the floor. What we have been doing: listening to Frosty the Snowman (over, and over, and over…), wrapping presents, opening presents, baking the occasional cookie and oven pizza (the pizza is not as “occasional” as the cookies), cruising for Christmas lights (“sparkles”, or actually “PARKLES!” per Emory), and being thankful for what God has given us.

Christmas was even more fun this year as we were able to share more traditions with Emory (our church Christmas concert, Christmas lights, reading the Christmas story, hot cocoa, decorating our trees, shopping for and wrapping gifts, etc.). And it will be even more special as she learns more about what we’re actually celebrating…that God sent His son here to save us. I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year were equally special. 

But it’s time to get back at it.  More posts to come from us soon.